“Smoking the Blue Cigar”

Two great things this week

– first up, a new display arrived for my KingVision VL courtesy of the Australian distributors. Thanks guys

– second, Dr Jamie Doube (former KI doc, often-time Antarctica medico and errant GP-surgeon) was back on KI for a few days before heading off on another Antarctic foray

Did a quick podcast each with Casey Parker over at BroomeDocs…but spent a few minutes prior playing around with makeshift airway topicalisation…placing RapidRhino’s, LMAs and generally mucking around


Also managed to get Jamie to use the KV to see his cords…not bad considering he’d never used the device before

Indeed there is no finer experimental subject than a rural doctor …. so in a separate session we’ve filmed Jamie having a RapidRhino nasal tampon inserted (my own nose being too full of polyps from KI hayfever)

Wander over to the ’50 Shades of Brown’ section or look below

4 responses to ““Smoking the Blue Cigar”

  1. This is going to be on the curriculum @ BHS JMO teaching this week
    Great demo

  2. Great

    Can we claim adjunct senior lecturer status or something?

    Just dont show ’em the airway topicalising ‘smoking the blue cigar’ vid…

  3. Just perfect if you get kicked in the nose by a reindeer!

  4. Tim,

    Watching that clip from Cardiac Arrest reminds me of a great British medical drama called “Bodies”. Ever seen it?



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